Filthy Lucre

For the last year and half while working at Fabrik Games I have been working as part of the team on the companys debut Playstation 4 title Filthy Lucre. In September the first version of the game was released on PS4 and since then we have been working on updates and the Steam version, which will be released soon.

The game is a stealth/action hybrid with a focus on letting the player tackle missions in whatever play style they like best, with a friend in online multiplayer or by themselves in single player.

Working as part of the programming team I helped develop many areas of the game, some examples include:

  • Creation of Gear and Weapon items
  • Worked on the Trigger System used for interactions (e.g picking up items, doors, panels)
  • Networking of gameplay elements
  • User Interface

Filthy Lucre has been a great project to work on and through it I have developed skills in a lot of new areas as well as experience with the process involved with developing games for Playstation 4.