Manchester Game Jam

So this week I haven’t actually worked on the Fish game. However last weekend I did go to the 2nd Manchester Game Jam at MadLab.

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The jam started at about 11 am on saturday morning. There was a mixture of people there, some were entering Ludum Dare, others were participating in the mini jams being hosted by the Manchester Game Jam. I took part in the mini jam. We had to draw a theme from a bowl then had about 5-6 hours to develop a game with that theme. My team (consisting of me and my brother) drew the theme “Aeroplanes”.

We decided to just try and develop a pretty generic shmup as we only had 6 hours using XNA. We were also using this opportunity to try and get our heads around version control using GitBash. To begin with I drew some awful sprites while my brother set up the project and started working on the player class. When I was done drawing the sprites I started working on the enemy class. Then we tried merging our version together and everything broke. After awhile we realized if you added something to the content pipeline the merge wouldn’t go well, so we had to manually add graphics at the same time. Besides that issue, eventually we managed to get Git working really well and merging our version fine.

So by the end of the first day we had a controllable player that could shoot, destroy enemies and be destroyed. I had developed a wave point system allowing us to create waves of enemies that fly in different patterns, and I had used it to make a short level. At the end of the day we had to present our game in front of everyone else, it is the only rule of game jam that you must show what you do off at game jam.

On the second day we continued working on the game adding a power up system and a few new sprites. Although we did a lot of work on the second day for some reason not as much felt like it had changed! Anyways heres a video of the game at the end of the 2nd day:

Heres the GitHub repository of the game

All in all the jam was pretty fun, and I hope to make it to the next one, which will be the same weekend as the next Ludum Dare!

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