Been awhile

So¬†oops, I haven’t blogged in about 2 months! But there is good reasons:

Firstly, I started a 12 month work placement at Canalside Studios back in September which has made me much more busy. I am currently working as part of a small team at the studio creating a mobile game using Marmalade. Although I have only been at the studio a short period, less than 3 months, I have already learnt a great deal. One of the areas I have learnt the most in so far is C++, as Marmalade is a cross platform SDK written in C++. The game is still in pretty early stages but so far the team seems pretty excited about what we’re creating! Hopefully it’ll turn out good.

In a slightly related note, I have also been working on my own little Engine/Frame Work for Marmalade. When we began our current project we created our own engine at the studio, however I am interested in trying my hand at creating some small mobile games in my own time so have decided to create my own engine based on what I’ve learned so far. The main reason for switching to Marmalade, over say, just continuing with LibGDX is because Marmalade works on iOS , Android and a whole array of other devices. So far my engine is in pretty early stages but check out all these crabs:

This does unfortunately mean I have stopped working on the Fish Game I was making in LibGDX. After learning about basic game engine structure working at the studio, it made me realize what a complete mess the code was. Also, the game just wasn’t very fun!

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