Procedural Dungeon Generation

Source code available here

I recently used three different techniques to generate dungeon structures. This was done as part of my final year project. All techniques were implemented with Unity and used a common procedure to produce a 3D representation of the dungeons. The full report I wrote to go with these generators can be found here

Cellular Automaton Generation

 Arguably not the best technique to use for dungeon generation, and much better suited for cavern generation, the results did give interesting shaped domains.

Binary Space Partitioning Generation

A much more common technique used to generate dungeons. Produces very uniformed shaped dungeons.

Delaunay Triangulation Generation

Based off the generation technique created by Phi Dinh for his game Tiny Keep. This techniques creates much less uniformed dungeons than the BSP technique and gives very appealing results. My implementation uses the incremental algorithm for constructing a Delaunay triangulation combined with the edge flipping technique.

Source code available here