Fabrik Games

Filthy Lucre
While working at Fabrik games I worked primarily as a game play programmer on the companys debut title for Playstation 4. Working as part of a small team gave me opportunities to work across the code base in many different areas including examples such as creation of weapon and gear items, networking of gameplay elements, audio implementations and UI.

Sumo Digital

Xbox Fitness
I worked as a technical designer on the Xbox one title Xbox Fitness. My role involved using in house tools to write gestures for the workouts in the game.

Canalside Studios

While working at Canalside Studios I worked on a number of different projects throughout the year.

Fort Fighters
Fort Fighters was a prototype in development at the studio. I was responsible for developing and pitching the original idea of the game to the Studio managers. The pitch was choose to be developed further, during which I was placed as lead programmer for the prototypes development. The results of two weeks developing the prototype version using Microsoft XNA can be seen in the video below:

After the prototype stage the game went into full development, using the Marmalade SDK and C++. I managed the day to day activities of the programmers involved on the project while we developed the game.

I was responsible for many areas of the games development, in particular the procedural generation of the levels with auto tiling (using bit mapping), build mode where the player constructs their tower and several areas of the core engine we developed.

Fire Engine Simulator
Created for the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Services, the simulator was designed to teach safe driving during blue light runs in fire engines. We had to work closely with the clients to create the simulator to the specification they required. Created in Unity, I worked on several tools to help the design team create content inside the simulator as well as developed the pedestrian A.I system and created hazards using pedestrians.

Med-Tech Innovation App
Created for a medical conference being hosted by Med-Tech, the App was designed to help attendees organize their days during the event, by showing a list of talks, floor map of the expo as well as information about exhibitors and other information. I was the sole developer of the App and had to work directly with the clients, meeting with them in person frequently, to create the App to their specification.