So its Friday of week two, so I really can’t put off doing a blog now if I want to stick to a blog a week!

This week I have implemented volcanoes into the game. Lets take a look!

Just one volcano, shooting some lava balls

Things can get hectic fast with more than one volcano

So maybe the level generation could do with some tweaking…

Lava Balls work pretty similar to Jelly Fish. If your finger ‘touches’ one you get hurt. The main difference is the movement. Jelly Fish swim around minding there own business much like fish (in fact exactly the same as fish). Lava Balls however get launched out of a volcano when it erupts and shoots upwards. They then slowly lose momentum and provided the initial eruption wasn’t so powerful they got launched off the top of the screen, they will then fall back down to the sea bed.

Although functioning well on a basic level, Volcanoes and Lava Balls could still do with some polishing (steam particle coming out of volcano before an eruption). One small issue I am having is the Lava Ball sprite is stretched on some screens. This is peculiar as I haven’t had this problem with any of the other sprites, and it is using the exact same code (copy and paste!). I hope to mess around with them a bit longer to try and sort the problem out.

Anyway, that is all I managed to do last week, this week I hope to work on some procedurally generated coral reef!

Time to Blog!


So after putting it off for some time I’ve decided I should really start blogging. The main focus of this blog will be on the development of projects I am working on, so lets begin!

For the last 2 months I have been working on an Android game which I am developing with LibGDX. I have never done any Android development before so I am basically just learning it as I go along, but so far it has been pretty smooth (I’ll probably regret saying that when I start testing the game on a more diverse range of devices!)

The games main mechanic is drawing squares on the screen to catch fish. There is more to the game than that, but I keep changing everything else constantly. Here are some screenshots so you at least have some idea what I am talking about:


(Just some fish swimming around, touching the jelly fish hurts you)


(Drawing a square to try and catch two blue fish at once)


(This is the half developed crab mini game!)

Most the art is ‘borrowed’ at the moment, it will all be replaced with unique art at some point before release, but for now I am focusing on the development to ensure the game does actually get released!

Recently in development I was having trouble with the game crashing after clearing about 30 ‘waves’ of fish. It turns out it was actually the seaweed that was causing the crash. At the moment the seaweed is the only animated object in the game, and each seaweed object loads all the textures in the animation (bad idea really!). After each ‘wave’ the sea bed would generate a new floor with new seaweed objects in new positions. It seems that after 30 waves there were so many seaweed textures loaded the game crashed. I have fixed the issue by pooling seaweed objects (you can only ever see like 10 on the screen so no more than 10 need to be created) however I can probably further optimise the seaweeds and improve performance by loading the textures in the animation once, and just reusing it when drawing all the seaweeds, instead of having it loaded into memory 10 times which I am doing at the moment.

So next I’m going to do a little re-organisation and cleaning up of the code base and then start working on volcanoes! The plan is a blog a week, so shout at me if I don’t do that!